March 1, 2019

Greetings, Friends...

It is with great sadness on this 3rd dimensional level yet with pure joy from the next vibrational level that I share that Jan Lawson, my mother, transitioned from this world and sailed beautifully and effortlessly into the next realm of being and consciousness, one step closer to God on January 3, 2019.

She leaves behind (and now stands just through the veil, ever so closely to), three adult children and their loving spouses, seven grandchildren, friends all over the world, and those who were once strangers that she touched and helped through Reflections, My Journey or just a momentary crossing of paths. It didn't take mom long to make a positive, memorable impression as she intuitively worked to bring positive change in the world, one person at a time.

As her technical designer and web artist (and favorite child, as I was her first ~ a loving and playful nod goes out to my brother Ron and sister Jancie), I have been hesitant to unpublish her website. She and I spent many fruitful and rewarding hours collaborating on this site and all that it contains, and on a personal level, it brings me peace and joy to just pop online whenever I need to feel her closeness and get lost for a few moments in the Goddess Energy and vibrant purples she so loved.

Even as early as this morning, Seekers like you continue to be guided to her website ~ reading, learning, and then requesting a reading from Jan.

Please know that while Jan is no longer in this physical world to help facilitate your own Reflections My Journey, she has left behind words and nuggets of wisdom she felt compelled to share. And so today, I have make the choice to leave this website alive and "out there" for others to find purposefully or to just stumble across.

From her "Life is a Dance" writing to her in-depth and helpful descriptions of what to expect on your own Reflections journey, perhaps you will leave this site feeling more knowledgeable, more focused, and more READY for whatever you have in store. And THAT would make her (DOES make her) you...because YOU are next.

I have a focused purpose to continue upon this Path of Enlightenment following in mom's organza footsteps and I am filled with joy for you. What an amazing and soul-changing journey you have ahead. Remember to CHA-CHA-CHA, baby...

With love, because that is all there is and all there ever will be,

Dawn Lawson Weber


Embracing the journey ...     Seeking the knowledge ...     Sharing  the wisdom ...
I came here for the sheer joy of the experience... How about you?


     Welcome to Reflections, My Journey. You have found me through word of mouth, because a friend or loved one has experienced their own Reflections Journey and it has changed their life. You have found me because someone who cares about you has handed you a violet organza pouch and urged you to manifest change in your own world by living the next month, Just for Today. You have found me because the Goddess who lies within you is seeking to express herself to the world.
     I welcome you with open arms, in peace and love, because it is MY desire to change the person at a time...
     *Smile*... YOU are next.

Namaste', Janice

The Color Purple Symbolizes:
Wisdom ~ Spirituality ~ Intuition ~ Third Eye ~
 Higher Self ~ Creativity ~ Enlightenment ~
Mystery ~ Transformation 

"Life is a Dance"

A Writing by Jan