Jan, I came with a list of questions I wanted answers to, but instead of getting those answers I wanted, I got what I needed. A scene from a past life helped me resolve my fear of my own power, my last fear. Even though I didn't get some questions answered, I got something much more valuable, but the journey wasn't complete when I left your home. During my regression, I saw something I didn't think was too significant, but what I didn't know was that it was one piece to a puzzle. A week after our session, another person - who didn't know of what I had seen with you - gave me the other piece of that puzzle. It confirmed undeniably my experience with you, and helped me to see that I am no longer trapped in by the separation of this lifetime. What a huge gift you gave to me! You are a gift to those around you. Please continue doing what you do. Thank you so much.

                                                                                        - VT (2013)


Thanks Jan, I love you . Just wait and watch "The best is yet to come" baby!! I'm starting to walk on my own, actually I can do it at home :) and . .. I'm about to participate in my 1st ever 5K walk/run this summer. Thanks for helping to get me here. Dec 11th, 2012 definitely changed my life forever.THANK YOU JAN I LOVE YOU" Actually Jan 20th, 2005 gave me my death sentence. Sept 8th, 2011 gave me the will to live again (Riley was born) Nov of 2012 Andrew found you. Dec 11th2012 you performed my miracle. As for The rest of my story . . . Well, that remains to be written. I will be forever grateful to you and my family and friends that always stuck by me and KNEW I Could do it.

                                                                                        - Carla,Cumming GA


Oh Jan! This is SO wonderful! I read this this morning and took time to listen to the first part of our session yesterday evening. I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness, but tears of peace and joy. It has brought me to another level of understanding myself. I am SO grateful to have had the opportunity to be with you. You are amazing. Your spirit is SO pure and loving. I didn't realize how much I truly needed this, but I knew I had to move forward somehow and you are the key into me moving forward and making progress in my spiritual life. THANK YOU! Listening to myself was UNREAL. I remember much of the session now that I've played it back and have begun to formulate some missing pieces from the account I shared with you about the first past life I re-lived while under trance. It may come from logic but I honestly believe its simply me remembering what I had been told as a child in that lifetime. I will continue to meditate and communicate more openly with my higher self and my guides to regain my memories and use them in this life to be a help to others in healing and understanding of natural cures. I am so blessed to have you here at this time now. You are a guide for me as well. It was designed that I meet you at this time so you could assist in waking me up to my mission. I feel so close to you. If you were here now, I'd give you a big hug. I am so excited and truly look forward to seeing you again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

                                                                                                - Love and Light, Na'avah


While seeking diverse beings of spirit and creativity in cyberspace i came upon your home on the web. I rejoice in who you are for yours is a life that inspires and enriches. Know that when people peruse your pages the heart smiles. I found everything amazing and wonderful. Thankyou for giving who you are into the world. You have my utmost respect andi honour your greatness. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Bless you on your journey. I wish you a life that illuminates the universe.

May you live with purpose as you communion with the divine and May the beauty of the natural world inspire you to make extraordinarychoices that better the lives of all people.

Yours in Heartfelt Ambition
MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One



I had no idea what this would be like! When I received the book, I thought I would have trouble reading and taking all of it in and understanding the astrological concepts. The book was revealing and insightful. I have not turned out to have some of the characteristics that are suggested, but it is nice to see some of my positive characteristics and realize some new potentials for my life. I was not really aware of the way the planets, etc. affect our lives.

The book gave me many new thoughts and things to consider as I progress in life's journey. I have always thought I was a positive person and have had 'feelings' that cause me to contact people at time of need and/or just a desire to contact this person. I have learned through the years to go with my 'feelings' and act on these. The times I have not responded have proven to be mistakes.

I would encourage anyone to have this book made for them. It will give you new thoughts on who are you, where you have been or could have been, and 'just things to contemplate'. It took me a few days to get through the whole book and consider the new ideas it presents. Also, there were things that did not 'fit' me and that is okay. It is really a revelation for each person in their own special way and just to give someone things to consider and seek if they want to seek them.

Since Jan is a very special friend, I think this is also a GIFT she has to share and anyone who takes advantage of this gift will be rewarded deeply.

- Linda, Stevensville MI

I was very excited to receive my report and couldn't wait to read it. Astrology is new to me and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to understand the whole concept and how it applies to me, but Jan has an excellent way of presenting this material in an organized, coherent manner that even I could grasp.

There is much information provided in the report, and even today, after receiving my report a few months ago, I find myself bringing out my book to refer back to things. I also had Jan do a progression reading on me and I refer to it daily. It has been fascinating to read the information that Jan compiled and see 'me' in the words and descriptions. The information Jan shares with you and her personal, unbiased comments, indeed DO make you reflect on why you are the way you are, and how that has laid the groundwork for this life's journey. I have recommend the Reflections: My Journey Report to a few close friends, who have also had their own readings done by Jan, and would recommend your contacting her for your OWN personal reading.

- Dawn, Belton SC

I was somewhat unsure of what to expect because I had never had anything like this done before. What a wonderful surprise! When I received my book, I was amazed at how much information Jan covered. I spent the next few hours devouring my journey -- past, present and future. I was delighted at how insightful Jan was. There were so many things where she was "right on the money"! Plus, I have read it over and over again and still pull out new thoughts and revelations. I truly enjoyed and appreciated her personal reflections and stories as she took me through my life's journey.

I strongly believe Jan has a special gift. She is able to see who are you, where you have been, and where you are going. I highly recommend this experience, but enter it with an open mind because Jan will definitely make you think. This book is something I will cherish and refer to as my journey continues. Thank you, Jan!

- Tracy