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by Jan Lawson

Did you ever think about Life and Dance in the same thought process?

Not many people do.  When you want to learn to Dance, you take many lessons and then you practice and practice and practice.  Life?  There are no lessons to take to help us create the poetry in motion, just the lessons we each learn along the journey. The lessons we learn as we move through life teach us all we need to know about how to dance and stay in the flow OR not. We all choose the steps we take one lesson at a time and we will apply the lessons to the next experience or we don't.

LIFE and DANCE parallel each other.  Dance has flow, tempo, rhythm, harmony, balance and when the flow of energy involved in the tempo and rhythm is synchronized, it can be a beautiful thing to see, a beautiful thing to feel and a beautiful thing to experience.

Did you ever meet someone who just seems to waltz through life? No lessons, just a slow steady flow, calm, balance and they make it look so darned easy. Some people cha cha cha through life, stepping to a little different tempo and rhythm, their balance is a little different and they just kinda' swing through life.

LIFE also has flow, tempo and rhythm, harmony and balance.  When we are in the flow of Life, all is good and joyous and we feel wonderful about it. The energy flows from one thing to the next because the synchronicity moves the energy around us in the rhythm of Life itself. Then there are the people who go through their lives doing some version of the psuodo-babble, never taking lessons and just 'winging' it.

How many of you have had the opportunity to watch Dancing with the Stars? Oh, how they FLOW around the floor and they make it look so EASY.  But they spent a lot of time taking lessons to be able to accomplish such a feat.

LIFE also has lessons to teach us and the wonderful gift of FREE WILL allows us to CHOOSE what lessons we desire to learn.  If we don't make the wise choices, life will teach us the lessons anyway.

We chose our own life lesson before we even arrived here and Life will show us through trial and error what we desire to accomplish in this lifetime.  In our own personal DNA will be found our life lesson.  Each one of us is so beautiful and unique.  Not one is like another and it was planned just that way.

Each one on a journey, each one here to learn the lessons of  life.  If each of us could REMEMBER what our lessons were, we would be in the flow all the time. But, hey, if we knew all the answers here we would be so bored.  So we make choices, trying to find our way in the stream of LIFE and we learn what  works and what doesn't work to be in the flow, harmony and rhythm one lesson at a time. Earth is a planet of feelings and emotion (energy in motion) and through our own choices for ourselves, we learn how to move the energy and be in the FLOW -- OR NOT.   OUR CHOICE. 

Much to our dismay the lessons can really be tough ones; by NOT choosing wisely, we GET from Life itself the lessons we will need to learn.  Life teaches us that every time we touch the hot burner, it is going to burn us good.

  Life lesson #1: If we always do what we have always done, we are always going to get what we always got.

Forrest Gump wasn't all wrong when he said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”.   SO TRUE, if you reached in the box and pulled out by CHOICE that milk chocolate square with the little curlicue on the top and popped it in your mouth and then discovered that DARN, CARAMEL, I HATE CARAMEL......NOW you have to make another choice: Do you get rid if it because of the taste, OR do you keep going and be polite and just get through it?  How many more caramels will you CHOOSE before you LEARN the lesson that maybe you really wanted that dark chocolate oval as that is the best one in the box?  YOUR CHOICE!!!! 

CHOICES are things we make every day.  Many of those choices we make so automatically we don't even think about them.  The funny thing about choices is that every one we make, consciously or unconsciously, affects not only ourselves but those around us. Big choices, little choices, doesn't matter.

Take the spool of toilet paper.  Do you just set the new one on top of the old spool and figure that SOMEONE else will do it? Then they come along, see the spool out of order and think, “Well here we go again, always my job! “AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO KNOWS HOW THIS THING WORKS?”

Your choice sent them into a thought process of ALWAYS being the one who is ABLE TO RESPOND because you CHOOSE not to RESPOND.  YOUR CHOICE. By making the CHOICE you made, you upset the harmony of energy for someone else.  When we are AWARE and CONSCIOUS of our choices and how they makes us FEEL,  we can always choose again if the first choice didn't work for us.


What is the meaning of choice:

  • The POWER or opportunity of selecting one thing over another
  • Voluntary act of selecting
  • Picking that which is preferable over other selections
  • Preferring one thing over another

How do most people make choices?

  • Decide what I want and the heck with what others think
  • Knee-jerk reaction to a situation
  • Don’t think about it, get what I want first
  • It is my choice and I want it all

How can we make better choices?

  • Ask the opinions of others before I choose
  • Take a breath and think before I choose
  • Do some research first then choose from options offered
  • Think about how my choice will affect others
  • Ask, “How will this choice affect me tomorrow?”

Every selection above brings a lesson with it.  Nothing is good or bad, just experience. If you are the kind of person who chooses for themselves always over others, then eventually there will be a lesson here for you.

If you are a person who always does some research first and then you make your choice with considerable thought, you will find also a lesson, and each choice above will bring about a different outcome and experience.  It all depends on the circumstances involved with any given situation.

When we make the CHOICE within ourselves to make our lives better because we have learned that Life Lesson #l has proven itself in our  lives, we make the choice to be a different person and we will change ourselves and become who we truly are.  When people see the change in us they will really wonder what happened to us. 

Sometimes as we move through Life we make choices that seemed perfect at the time. Then we find that those choices from long ago come back to visit us again and we thought we had moved on.  Maybe you made a choice that just keeps coming back and coming back and you just won't let go of the experience you had.

Like an old baggage or duffel bag, you just won't let it go.  We love this baggage. We take it out and go through it from time to time remembering the pain it caused us and then put it back for another day. And now you have to choose, AGAIN, to clean it out to make room for something NEW. 

Let us suppose for a moment that on this journey of yours there were things that happened in your life that you had no control over. Now THAT is a bummer, because you didn't choose the actions of others. However they certainly affected you in some way or you wouldn't be here now trying to figure this all out.  NOW your choice may be to REACT to those things rather than RESPOND.  Remember Life Lesson #1.  We may have to consider here that something has to change. YOUR CHOICE.

Old choices from the past constantly hold us in VICTIM mode and we cannot get past them.   You feel hurt, sad, angry, and you just don't know how to get past the baggage and carry on.  By holding onto things from the past - the old hurts, pain, anger - we are the Vitim of our own thoughts and they roll up to be felt and experienced over and over again.  If we could just CHOOSE some new thoughts, we could go from being the Vitim to the Victor and free ourselves from this constant tape the plays again and again in our head.

If you are tired of the same old stuff running through your mind from the past, things you really just need to forgive and let go of, move on, clean out all that old luggage, throw away the things that are holding you Victim and become the Victor.  Take back your power and your life.  Your choice.

Thoughts Create Feelings

Feelings Create Emotions

                                                   Emotions Create Reality

Let us shift from choices to THOUGHTS and see how they work together in our lives. Soon we will tie them both together and see how we can create something new for ourselves. 

Let me give you an example of how this works. Let’s take Bill on a little creating exercise.  Bill is a really nice fella, pretty good looking, has a good job, a lot to offer the right girl and along comes Sally.  Oh Boy!  Bill is smitten!

Sally seems to be just the girl he could be looking for and he wasn't even looking for anyone in his life at this time, but here she is!  They laugh, talk, have a million things in common and all Bill can do is THINK about Sally!  He THINKS about her when he goes to sleep, and when he wakes up she is right there on his mind.  When he is in the shower, he THINKS about her,   ALL the time.  When he goes into work, all smiles, feeling wonderful, life is good and his friend Tom says, “Hey Bill, haven't seen you in a while, how's it goin, buddy?”

Now Bill is on Cloud 11 (he has surpassed cloud 9) and he is really, really feeling good! He tells his friend Tom all about Sally.  She is beautiful, wonderful, makes him feel so good inside, laughs at his jokes and they are seeing each other a couple of times a week and on the weekends.  Life just couldn't be better!!!!  He has great thoughts, he feels wonderful, has that great feeling in the pit of his stomach and HIS reality is heading for Cloud 14.  Life for Bill just could NOT get any better. His thoughts, feelings and emotions have created for him a wonderful space to be and everyone around him knows he is a happy guy.

Notice here that even though Bill moves through his life passing people at the store, or when he gets gas for the car, or when he pays his bills,  he moves through his own little world and it is happy. He is in his own little dance.  The tempo is wonderful, the balance feels good, the flow is perfect and the rhythm?  Just couldn't be better.    The people around him, unless they know him personally, only see a happy guy, friendly, always with a smile.  He doesn't share his little wonderful reality with anyone unless they happen to ask.  Everyone moves through life in their own reality and NONE are the same.  Each person moves through life just this way, in their own little world that they create for themselves and unless they SHARE that world with others, nobody knows anything about anyone's life and reality but their own. 

Let us move on here as it is really about to get good.  After about 6 months of all the good 'stuff' that Bill is living daily, Sally decides to tell him that she just doesn't think this is going to work.  She wants to move out of the relationship.   She doesn't want to see him anymore.  She is sorry.

OHHHH BOY!!!!!  Bill is just crushed. OMG!!!!  HOW COULD SHE do this to ME????   How could she JUST WALK AWAY LIKE THIS!!!!   Doesn't she know what she is DOING TO ME!!!!?????  These are just the beginning of the THOUGHTS he NOW has and this isn't evening getting to the FEELINGS yet!!  This whole thing has stirred his EMOTIONS to the point that his little wonderful world has just shattered right in front of him.  He runs these new thoughts through his mind for days and nights.  Now he feels lost, hopeless, his world has turned upside down, there is nothing left but pain and suffering and wondering what in the world went wrong.  Surely HE didn't do anything to cause this!  But that is isn't one of the thoughts he could have had.  SHE did this to him.  SHE turned his world upside down.

He returns to work and sees his friend Tom.  OH, Tom can SEE that Bill is really looking bad.  He looks like he has slept in his clothes, hasn't shaved in days, and he just looks awful.  When he asks Bill what happened, Bill just totally unloads on what Sally has done to him and how she has just ruined his world.  His reality has certainly changed and his thoughts, feelings and emotions, from top to bottom, have created his new little world.  His reality that he was moving through so smoothly has now shifted. 

Life is a stream, a river, and it flows, constantly changing. Sometimes choices that are made downstream can cause us all to pick up the tempo or slow down to keep it balanced and steady.

Another example of choices that people make that can affect us is when we are all in the stream, in the flow, moving right along at 70 miles an hour, thinking our OWN thoughts in our own little worlds. Then downstream, on a 6 lane highway, SOMEONE decides to change lanes. His world is running LATE because he hit the alarm too many times this morning and his boss has warned him about being late AGAIN.  So, he decides without even checking his mirrors to just CHANGE LANES.    OMG!!!!!  I will let you decide the outcome on this one. It depends how far back up the line YOU are and whatever happens because of his choice may or may not affect you!!!!  YOU CHOOSE.   

So, you can see how the choices we all make everyday can flow over into the lives of the others around us.  Maybe we don't mean for that to happen because we are focused so much on our own 'things' we just don't THINK about being aware of those around us. They are in their own little world and most of the time so are we.  But what can we do to stay in the flow, or even GET in the flow and move with the River of Life?

        Life Lesson #2   Don't spit in the wind  (What you give out comes back to you)

When it comes to making choices in our lives, Life Lesson #2 is a teacher unto itself. We cannot change or make choices for others, we can only be ABLE to RESPOND to the choices we make for ourselves and the interactions we have with others.  We express ourselves in many ways and listed here are just a few tools we can use to help us make better choices for ourselves. Used properly and with THOUGHT we can stay in the flow or stream of Life and the dance we choose is up to us.


Words are very powerful ways of expressing ourselves and they can bring joy to another’s life or break a child’s heart. Words are powerful. We ALWAYS have a choice when we use words.  So Life Lesson #2 is quite fitting here. What we give out we certainly get back.  If we call words a 'hot potato' in this instance, we KNOW they are full of power and hot energy.  If we send that out there in someone's face, we are SURE to get it right back.  When we are the receiver of the 'hot potato' we now can change the outcome because we KNOW we desire a different experience from this lesson.  So instead of 'spiking' it back, let’s take a breath and look at HOW we can change the outcome with different words.  Let’s decide before we speak what we want the outcome to be.   Instead of words like the 'hot potato', we can choose softer spoken words and diffuse the whole issue. We can choose to express LOVE instead of hot anger.  When we take that BREATH, we are allowing ourselves to decide if we really want to go there. It only takes an instant of time to do this.  Sometimes RESPONDING instead of RE-ACTING is a much better choice. 

Take the word RE-ACTION. We know for every action there is a reaction. That is a law of Cause and Effect.  Why do we want to do it again?  We have already been there ONCE, isn't that enough?  Why don't we RESPOND instead of playing it again? Life would sure flow better.  When we choose our words wisely with LOVE instead of ANGER we CHANGE the end result.


We all have heard that Actions speak louder than words.  Well, they can and do. Our actions can speak volumes and not a word has to be spoken.  Actions are full of energy and we can choose here what kind of energy we use to express ourselves. ACTIONS with the energy of LOVE will write more books than ACTIONS with the energy of anger and hate.  Enough of those have been written in the last 50 years to fill a library.  Let us write something new and change our world!  ONE ACTION AT A TIME.

Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Thoughts take many forms and have an attractive mechanism that attracts energy to it. The energy then manifests according to the thought, be it in the form of a fear, fantasy, choice, desire, belief, behavior, outcome, etc. This is why it is said that if you dwell on something long enough, and put enough passionate energy into it, the effect is that it can and will become your next reality. Many of your thoughts lead to immediate effects.

Being more conscious of the quality of your thoughts and their effects enables you to quickly alter undesirable outcomes. In many instances, by simply thinking of a more appropriate thought you can immediately create a more desirable outcome. Think before you speak. In other words, pause for the cause by thinking of the outcome you desire instead of blurting out words based on unprocessed fears, anger, or emotions.

When you feel compelled to speak out without thinking it through, PAUSE, take a deep breath, and simply tell yourself, “Relax – What’s my outcome,” then picture the outcome you desire and begin to move in that direction. There is no rush. You don’t have to speak out immediately nor do you have to act out immediately. It is often best to remain quiet in order to think of the best, most resourceful response, behavior or plan of action.

Thoughts are energy: what we THINK we believe, what we believe we become. So if our thoughts - when not in harmony - become like a tape recording running and running over and over again......

We express ourselves constantly with our Emotions and Feelings. Scientific studies have shown that emotions, negative or positive, change the molecular structure of water. It has been discovered that water has and retains memory.  We are 70+%  water, so if we can change the structure of the water with our emotions, what do you think happens inside our own bodies?  Our blood pressure rises, our stomachs tighten up, maybe we begin to perspire. Dr. Emoto has done some interesting studies with emotions and the effects on water. Check it out because there are videos on YouTube that will give you real food for thought. Also Dr. Candace Pert worked for years studying biology and discovered that emotional energies change the entire chemical structure of our bodies.

Back in the 70's there were studies done by the man who invented the polygraph machine. For the heck of it one night, he hooked up his machine to his plants and discovered that they could actually feel human emotion.  Not only can they feel human emotion, they can remember.  To further the study, they did an experiment where they hooked the plants up to the machine, sent a person into the room and he tore leaves and stems off the plants.  Their reaction was monitored on the machine.  A week later they sent the same man into the room and the plants reacted to the violence they received the previous week. His just walking into the room caused them to react with FEAR.

I cannot spend too much time here as this is an entire session unto itself.  We are very powerful human beings and we affect everyone and everything around us with our emotions.  Do some research on Google. You will find it very interesting.  If you Google: “How do emotions affect the body”, what comes up will help you understand how you can learn to RELEASE and HEAL.

One Attribute we haven't returned to is BALANCE. Balance is SO important in this Dance of Life.  Too much of anything will cause imbalance within our each of us. If we are not balanced when we dance, it throws the WHOLE routine OFF. 

We each have our own way of knowing when we are out of balance because. When we are not in the flow, we are out of step with those around us and we just feel awful. What are some of the things we can name that will bring balance back into our lives and help us feel the tempo and the rhythm again?

We signed up for the lessons, remember? 

  • Temperance
  • Forgiveness
  • Non Judgment
  • Patience
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Tolerance  of others.....they are on their own journey, as you are,
  • Allowance

The BELIEF of a power greater than ourselves


Your personal beliefs are truly YOURS.  I want you to know deep down within yourself you are never, never alone.  When you feel that you have nowhere else to turn in life, KNOW with total trust and assurance that you can always ask for help.  The Source of all that is, ever was and ever will be is just waiting for you to ask.  The assurance is the beat of your own heart.  For without that spark of the gift of life, you KNOW you wouldn't be here.

THIS is your very own singular guidance system.  The birds in the sky have their very own guidance system and they follow it through instinct.   Someone trying to make life simple for us came up with GPS…how's it going for ya'? Instinct was first for a reason, you cannot always trust technology...

Life lesson #3 Energy flows where the INTENTION  Goes

Speak your gratitude every morning when you wake up with a THANK YOU  for the opportunity to have another day to INTEND to get it right.

Speak your gratitude for your many blessings and when you start counting them, you will be amazed at the blessings on your plate.  When you NEED guidance, if you listen quietly after your ask, you will receive, with practice and patience, that the answer you are seeking will come right from your very own  heart.

Remember to LOVE yourself.  When you LOVE yourself you will know how to love others. If you want more of anything in your life, all you ever have to do is BE what you are looking for in others.

Life truly is a DANCE, and once you learn the steps you will UNDERSTAND how much more you will be in the flow of everything around you. Dancing is NOT an easy venture and neither is LIFE.  We go through life from day to day and each experience we have with another one on the journey can truly bring us lessons to help us to the next step.  If we don't learn the lessons, the challenges will continue to come up again and again until we make the choices to move through them and move on to the next lesson waiting just around the corner.

Life isn't easy.  You may have forgotten that one. You were so excited to get here that you missed the fine print at the bottom of your contract.  You signed your angelic name and said, “Well, what are we waiting for!”

In the vernacular, we have all heard at one time or another “LET'S GET 'ER DONE”.   You are not alone on this one, either. None of us read that little stuff at the bottom.  So, here we are, you and I on a wonderful journey and when we join hands we can help each other learn the steps together.

Some days we waltz through the day and life is GOOD, even the CHA CHA brings some fun, but the pseudo-babble can be a total lesson in life if we don't learn the steps well with good choices, and have good thoughts with  LOVE as the catalyst to hold it all together .

Our tools are CHOICES, each choosing his own. We do our best and hope we are ABLE to RESPOND to all the choices we make. When we can't, we KNOW that because we love ourselves, we will reach out and seek the help we need. 

Nobody changes for the better unless they want to and then actually proceed to do it. Human nature's tendency is to revert back to what they know best.  (choice)

Remember, it took you longer than a day to get here in this moment and it will take you longer than a day to get back in the flow.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time you need. 

Don't hurry, what’s the rush?


Will you ALWAYS make the RIGHT choice? 

Nothing is right or wrong in the choices we make,


 And the Lessons?  We bring them to ourselves by the choices we make. There is ALWAYS a lesson to learn.  That is why you came here, to learn the lessons.  So...

 Choose wisely, dear one, it is yours alone to make.

                                                          CHA CHA CHA