Have you ever wondered who you may have been in a previous life? Did you know that gifts from your past, and even old fears and guilt, can be carried from one lifetime into the next?

Past Life Regression allows you to take an active role in creating positive changes in your life. Through the use of light hypnosis, progressive relaxation and guided imagery, you take this journey into the past and bring about the opportunity for change in your future.

There are many benefits to having a session with Jan, including healing and change, wisdom through rediscovered memories, deeper understanding of your personality, and discovering your life's lessons in this current lifetime.

Contact Jan to schedule your private session into the past and open up the world to your future. 

What happens in a past life session?

Hypnotic techniques, guided imagery and progressive relaxation techniques give you access to your subconscious.

Will I do silly things while in hypnosis?

No. Hypnosis for entertainment is simply that ~ entertainment. Using true hypnosis therapy, no one can make you so or say anything you feel uncomfortable with or are offended by.

Can the facilitator control my mind?

No. The facilitator only guides. You are always in control of the session.

Will I remember the session?

Yes. You are in a highly focused state of awareness and will be able to listen and hear words more accurately than in a fully awakened state.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

NO. A mere 15 minutes in guided relaxation is equivalent to four hours of sleep.