A journey that was planned long before we arrived.

We seek the knowledge of the material level of existence on earth. As we gain wisdom from these experiences, we strive for understanding of who we are and where we are going.

We are all on a journey and we will all return to the Source of all THAT IS, however we just may take different roads to get there. Our lives are filled with choices and we make them every day. Sometimes we do not follow a straight and narrow route. Sometimes we turn left or right to experience a different road to the finish. Each of our journeys allows us different experiences, and it's the journey that makes us WHO we are.

Reflections: Past, Present and Future is the brain child of Jan Lawson.

She had her own life-changing experience and began to reflect on her past. She took a look at where she was NOW and what changes she could make in herself.

When she began to look at the future, the opportunities that presented themselves were full of hope and her journey and course became clear.

...and she decided she would share this with the world.

Her goal has become to make a difference in this material world, 

Jan works with your birth date, time and place of birth to pull together yourjourney for you, using astrology to help you interpret the blueprint of your life.

YOU set this blueprint of your journey in motion just before you were born, yet you have not always followed your blueprint. Just like building a house, we all make changes. FREE WILL is part of your tools for your journey. Throughout your life you have made choices and you have made connections to people along the way who have changed your life. Read what others are saying about their own personal readings.

Request your own personal Reflections: Past, Present and Future today and allow Jan the opportunity to take you on your own personal journey.

Revisit your beginnings...look at your present...and get a glimpse into the future where you are headed in this Aquarian Age.

Using a variety of tools, Jan pulls together a report designed distinctly for you, and her thoughts and comments are spoken to you personally. 

Astrology is not her only source of information. Her own intuition and channeling on an individual basis makes your report your own. You will do your own reflecting and your own soul searching for the answers you have been looking for about yourself. 

  • Meet Yourself as Others See You: A complete, detailed astrological report in a beautiful clear front binder (approx. 50 pages)

  • An examination of the energies of all the planets as they appear in your chart and what they mean in terms of influence to your personality

  • An assessment of your strengths and your not-so strong points and how they affect your journey as you move through the houses of your life

  • An evaluation of the Houses, Aspects, Planets and Asteroid energies, the quality of their energies and how theydefine who you are

  • A comparison: Together we will look at where you are today on your soul journey and discuss how and why things appear to be different from your original blueprint

  • A learning opportunity for you to gain wisdom through the reflections of your experiences that will help you understand your soul journey

The future? That is totally up to you and the choices you will make tomorrow will lead you further on your journey into the Golden Age. This Age of Aquarius brings to us more than we can fathom. With the new energies to harmonize and balance our lives , we will wake up to the new knowledge with great excitement and anticipation of what is to come.

You can make a difference in this world of 6 billion people, but are you willing to reflect on your journey?

Are you willing to take a good look at yourself and make the changes you will need to survive in this world?

Only you can make those changes that mean growth and expansion, leading to greater understanding of who you really are.

So come, reflect, take the journey of your life, and 

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