I am a Dedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Quantum Healing Hypnosis is the ability of the client and the facilitator working together, using relaxation and light hypnosis, to tap the “source of all knowledge” that resides in each of us. In this way, the client is able to access self healing. Her method guides the client to a very normal state of mind that all of us go through at least twice a day....right before falling asleep, and on waking. Nothing mysterious about it. It is simply a very relaxed state where the mind is open to information coming from the Subconscious. Her teachings and successful hypnosis technique are well known around the world. She teaches this form of quantum healing in Russia, the UK, Hawaii, S. Africa, Australia, and the US. You can find Dolores Cannon in various interviews on you tube.

I spend considerable time with the client before the actual hypnosis, learning all I can about them, their life from childhood, their family, their physical ailments, fears, etc. The client puts together a list of questions they would like to have answers to and we review their list. Together, we may add more, or we may decide these questions are all we need to address at this time. This may take an hour or more to accomplish.

The session itself begins, if the client is willing, with energy work, using crystals, with the body and the room. This is a tremendous help for relaxation, but is completely optional. We then begin the relaxation and hypnosis part of the session. During the session we journey together into relevant past lives shown to us that have a bearing on our lessons for the current life. This process takes time, as we work together to release old fears and angers from the past that do not serve this lifetime anymore. 

I am a guide, but the client’s Subconscious mind is in charge of where we go in hypnosis. I do not “make” the client go anywhere. While the client is in this quiet state of hypnosis, we are able to talk to that “source of knowledge” we seek and we ask our questions. The Subconscious mind will give us the answers we desire at this time. Spontaneous healings are happening constantly with my clients. This energy force we work with will also tells us what we need to do if they feel they cannot address the issues at this time.

This is a team effort and the client must be willing with the intention of getting the answers and willing to allow this energy to come through and speak with us. If a client clings tightly to “control”, it becomes more difficult to find the answers we seek. This part of the appointment can take two hours or more and it all depends on where we are led.

I have found that our soul carries over many issues from lifetime to lifetime and these issues greatly impact our current life. Once we realize they are from another time and place, we are able to release their influence on our current lifetime. These issues might include fears, angers, or unexplained body pain. Many times, past life happenings are not important and our focus will be on the current life, what needs to be addressed and changed in our present journey. We just follow where it goes and gather information along the way that is beneficial for the client.

There are times when the source will not heal, if they determine that the illness is part of this life journey and there are still lessons to be learned. I will work with all my clients to help them work through many things in this life and the Source has asked me to do just that, when the client needed to work through issues of this life journey on their own.

I always have the INTENTION to complete everything we need to accomplish in one session. My fee works on a sliding scale and a second session, if needed, can be discussed at a later time. Usually, we do not need another session. If the client and/or the Subconscious feels there would be great benefit in having another session, by all means we will do so. My goal is to help the client in  any way I possibly can to move forward in this life's journey .

Please visit, if you wish, http://www.ozarkmt.com. This is Dolores Cannon's web site and it will give you more information about what we will be doing. There are many hypnotherapy techniques out there and you should do any research you deem necessary to make your decision to explore this avenue of healing. If you have any questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

The journey into any kind of healing modality brings no guarantees. Quantum Healing requires intent for self healing by the client. I am only the facilitator and guide in the session and the client and their higher self will lead us to what the client needs to know and will heal the body if it is in the best interest of the client at the present time. It has been found that the Subconscious will work with us on many levels and if the challenge they face in this life is the result of Karma from a past time, we do our best to work through and release this challenge facing the client. Many times healing is encouraged by the Subconscious for the client to follow the process of healing on their own and the Subconscious will always offer the client ways in which this can be accomplished.

Once the session is over, the healing process is not over. This wonderful healing energy will continue for several weeks during sleep time, to continue to work with the client to accomplish the healing process. When the Subconscious passes on information for the client for the healing process to be complete, the client takes full responsibility for their part of the process to be completed as advised by the Subconscious. This is very important to understand. When the Subconscious brings forth advice for continued well being, the client must take full responsibility of following the given advice for continued well being.

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